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Vs battle wiki fate grand order

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    The Nasuverse is a collection of fantasy works done by Nasu Kinoko, ranging from visual novels, games, and light novels, all of which take place within the same multiverse. Many of them have adaptations and spin-offs of varying quality and canonicity. It's infamous for its complex lore and broken powers. Because of its complexity much of the information is present within scattered interviews and databooks. Tsukihime chronicles the story and life of a teenage boy named Shiki Tohno.
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    Fate/stay night

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    Category:Servants | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom

    The Chaldea Security Organization is a secret agency dedicated to the protection of humanity's future. To do so, it destroys the Singularities that disrupt the flow of time and the natural course of human history. After a sudden bombing attack that leaves its facilities crippled, Chaldea sends a lone Master and the many Servants they've summoned to capture the Holy Grails responsible for the Singularities that threaten the course of history on Earth. This is the Grand Order - the greatest Holy Grail War, with the fate of all humanity and history itself at stake. Originally, there are seven Singularities and numerous Sub-Singularities, but even after the destruction of the seven and the defeat of their mastermind, more continue to appear. On top of possessing most of the hax of other Fate installments, it introduces a number of new Servants with new haxed abilities. Notable amongst these are the Grand Servants, "Solomon" , the foundation of modern magecraft, who can see the past and future as well as incinerate the surface of Earth across all of time, and King Hassan , who has the potential to terminate the life of any being he cuts.
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    Dr fate vs battle wiki

    Hey guys it's Your Type-moon superfan Mana here coming to you with a little Oped my obsessive self thought up out of frustration and dissatisfaction with the VS battles wiki and how it handles, fate, tsukihime, kara no kyoukai, notes and ect. So first order of business let's discuss what the VS battles system is. The VS Battles tiering system is a system of power level rankings based on a common understanding of the Universe, Dimensions and time ect. It is a sorta one size fits all deal. Obviously this leaves a few gaps out.
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    However, her kids staged an act to kill their primordial father, an act that she gently approved of, and, soon after, point their blades at their very mother, who in her despair birthed 11 other divine beasts to fight against her original children but was eventually defeated, her body having been torn in two to become the heavens and earth. However, Tiamat was not killed but rather banished to the Imaginary Number Space instead, having been sent there after fulfilling her role as the mother of all life on the planet and thrown aside when the earth's environments have stabilized and its ecosystems have been established. This caused feelings of resentment, hatred and sadness to grow within Tiamat, and so the Goddess herself from then on, who was deemed unnecessary after her role was finished, patiently waited in Imaginary Number Space for the time she will get her chance to come back and reclaim the very world she birthed. Easily fought Ishtar , who can fire the concept of Venus with her Noble Phantasm, and Quetzalcoatl , who can easily bat Ishtar's attacks around like baseballs, although Quetzalcoatl was heavily weakened and half-dead during their fight.